Monday, May 7, 2012

Appeal to Save Amar Bahadur

Amar Bahadur Bam of Dhari  VDC Ward no. 3 in Darchula, Far Western Nepal is awaiting death following a Dubai Court's decision to execute him for his involvement in a case of murder of an Indian citizen. While available evidences show that he is innocent and didn't have any involvement in the murder, he is slapped capital punishment. 
This is shameful that the government of Nepal has done very little to protect its citizen. I request all the citizens to pressurize the government to do the needful to save its citizen's life who is found innocent but could not prove his innocence merely because of language barriers. Please use any means you have - emails, facebook, twitter or any other social media to spread the message. I think such campaigns can bring consequences because such solidarity has helped save life of Dolma and others in the past.

It is appreciated that some organizations, individuals and CA members of Darchula have come up with a campaign to save Amar's live. Here is a press release which sheds light on the case and what should be done by the government and the conscious citizen like us:

34 years old Amar Bahadur Bam of Dhari 3, Darchula was arrested for being involved in the murder case of Indian national, Sharad Shetty in an Indian club in UAE. Three other Indian nationals namely Manoj Mudana, Karan Singh Rajput, Ismad Kulath were also arrested on this case along with Amar.

Police filed a case against Manoj and Karan Singh for shooting Shetty, Banbari for supplying weapon  while Amar Bahadur Bam  for being the driver of their  vehicle. Later, Dubai Court gave a verdict on this case by slapping Amar, Manoj and Karan a death sentence.

Amar has been continuously saying that he is innocent in this case. He is very sad as he could not explain much about the case in the court due to language barrier and has to face this situation. He has talked about his ignorance to then ambassador Arjun Bahadur Thapa as well. Also, Indian national Karan and Manoj have given a written document proving his innocence by saying that Amar was only asked to drive around Dubai as professional driver and further more he had no information about anything they had planned to commit in this case.

To safeguard the life of a Nepali citizen  living abroad is the duty as well as responsibility of the state. The state must be worried and concerned regarding the situation of its   citizens living abroad. The state must always have enough  information on its citizen who are staying  in jails of various countries. But our government is  ignorant of its innocent citizen who has been slapped of death sentence  nine years back .We all know that  our Government got information on this regard two years back but  it has not taken serious initiatives .

Nepali Society, an umbrella organization of all the Nepalese organizations working in UAE, Non Residents Nepali Council are much serious about this issue and we have been continuously requesting prime minister, foreign minister, labor minister and Nepali Embassy to save the life of Amar but we are very sad that the government has not taken   initiatives to save the life of Amar.

At any time the Dubai Court might execute its decision so we request our government to start talks with Dubai government and appeal the case in Dubai Court to save the life of its citizen.  We wanted to inform you all that we have started "Amar saving campaign" to pressurize the government. In this campaign, CA member of Darchula, Society of Nepalese people living in UAE and other organizations have been involved. We request non resident Nepalese, human rights activists, civil society, media persons, trade unions, and organisations involved in remittance issue to support on this campaign.

                                                                       Save Ambar Campaign Secretariat
                                                                        Pravasi Nepali Coordination   Committee
                                                                        Anamnagar, Kathmandu,
                                                                        Phone no.01-4770775

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