Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are we proud that Asian/African girls are crowned Miss World/Universe?

My recent article on beauty (available below) was read by considerably conscious and learned people and I was lucky to get important feedback. Also the list of the members of the group created in the facebook to further this discourse is getting longer. By now they have exceeded 70. If you are also in the facebook please join and show your solidarity to this effort by joining Oriental Media Discourse Group. Having said this, I would like to give some clarifications about the perception of beauty dealt earlier.

I maintained that beauty is constructed in such a way that the western people will always look beautiful and the rest of the world will have to keep trying to look like them. Here, I got reservations from my friends that Phillippino and Japanese women are ‘beautiful’. Also like that nowadays, Chinese women are being thought as beautiful. I do agree with these comments. But do these assumptions contradict with my earlier position or discourse?

No, not at all. This is the similar thing. If we looked from the historical perspective and relate it with gender, we can get the answer. Historically, Japan is the only Asian nation which challenged the western forces in the World War II. Though it was defeated then, it emerged as an inevitable power in the international arena. It has startled the world by the economic growth in the last fifty years; being the second largest economy in the world after the US. If the world is bipolar in terms of economic prosperity, it is Japan in one of the poles.

Besides, traditionally when China remained a close society, it was Japan that represented the Oriental Civilization to the West. This country remains a yearning for the people in the West. They are rather envious of Japan and want to destroy the pride of this country. And of course, insulting the women will be the best way to avenge or defeat a particular power. That is why even the country is regarded as one’s ‘motherland’ and whenever there are incursions, MOTHERS (women) are insulted, raped and brutally killed. The number of women enslaved by different armies in the two World wars (including the number of servants of Japanese army in World War II in China, Korea and Philippines) and other subsequent wars is a testimony to this claim.

Hence, Japanese women are beautiful. And as China is on the pace of Japan in terms of economic and military growth, Chinese women are also being beautiful. Here, being beautiful is like being the yearning of the powerful people in the West and that they will consume this ‘beauty’ whenever they CAN. The reference about Phillippino women comes from the Middle East, Thailand and Phillippines itself where many of them are working as sex workers. This reference is just to uphold capitalism and promoting the consumerist world. So, there is absolutely nothing to be proud about when many Chinese or Indian women are crowned Miss World or Universe title. This is all never in the favor of the people here. It is all created in the supreme interest of the imperialists and the capitalists.

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  1. very good.you shallow the world and know about beauty more.now we have to change the world,people's perception against the colonialism through misconception of beauty.